Welche Einwände gegen und welche Hindernisse für eine offene ökologische Wirtschaft/offenes ökoeffektives Design gibt es? Kann man sie auflösen?

ENG What are the objections against an open ecological economy/open ecoeffective designs? What are the obstacles for it? And how to overcome them?

Open design could flood a particular products market, reducing the profit margin. Which could take money away from private research funding (potentially reducing product quality).Bearbeiten

At btu cottbus 12nov12
(by ERM students)
there was already one idea to solve this:
  • the patents for new medicaments expires after 20 years. Could we drop down this to lets say 5 years? Shorten the time of copyright protection!

When presenting an idea openly, people can help you overcome problems you may have. The reliability of those solutions could however be insufficient.Bearbeiten

(by ERM students)

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